Disable right-click DBR options


I don’t think the right-click DBR options are particularly helpful or relevant for string cells. Especially for data entry string cells where the user is likely entering some kind of commentary anyway. This disables the browser or browser extension spell check which would be more useful.

when you right-click you get the following, but it would be much more useful to have the regular browser context menu with the spell check suggestion. Is that possible?

Otherwise to just disable by default for data entry string cells would be better than currently. Is it possible to do this already?


hi @cw-ch,

We are currently looking into this and will update this topic once we have finalized the changes.




Hi @cw-ch,

We have removed this now from the right-click context and have placed these options on another part of the DBRs/DBRAs. So the right click will now give you whatever the browser is defaulting it to.

Finalized details will be part of the documentation on the next release soon.



Is there a property that can be set to disable the Reference and Comments options? I’ve created a form which uses radios driven via picklist, which display fine on the page:

but when a user clicks on an option the Reference/Comments option pops out causing the buttons to spill over onto the next line:

It disappears after a few seconds and the page re-renders, by my preference would be not to have it appear at all.

In the context of the application the user won’t ever need to know the reference, and we are using a string measure to capture comments. I can see that the right click menu doesn’t display the options anymore, but is there a way to completely disable it from the DBR?




Hi @cmcguire,

You can now use these attributes added: tm1-hide-reference, tm1-hide-comment, tm1-hide-spread and tm1-hide-drill

Checkout the help section for the tm1-ui-dbr to check if you have it on your version of Canvas and for further details.



Perfect, thanks Paul.