dimix and dimid for control dimensions

Hi All,

Any reason why we have regular lines in the change tracking related to create and delete
}Chores.dimx, }Processes.dimx, }Dimensions.dimx, }Cubes.dimx ?

I am pretty sure it is becasue on each server restart the .dim files really are deleted and recreated and Pulse is just picking this up.

E.g. on restart the }Cubes.dim file is destroyed, the server surveys the collection of .cub files and then the dimension is recreated as part of the server loading process.

This happens only for chores, cubes, dimensions & processes. (Although probably it now happens also for all the }Hiers, }Views & }Subsets dimensions as well!)

Hi @sschreurs,

As stated by @cw-ch, if the TM1 server is deleting these cubes by the TM1 instance Pulse will catch the change through its change tracking.



Thanks for your response !