Dimension element sort order from Arc dim Editor

I cannot seem to find a way to set the elements order on a dimension from the dim Editor in Arc.
I can only do it from the }DimensionProperties cube directly to set.

Am I missing where it is?

Otherwise, would be good to have it in an easy way to set, with the possible options. Similar to old Architect…

image image


Hi Rodrigo,

It sounds like a good enhancement to add. Could you please raise an enhancement request for this: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Arc and Slice · GitLab



@rmazziero I usually use the Console in Arc to set dimension order, hope this helps

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thanks @Vincent will do!

@lbrown , thanks! yeah that is another good option!
This question came from a Client using Arc… think it would be good to have in the UI in a friendly way.


Anne-Marie was faster than me on the request :smiley: