Dimension audit

Is there any dimension audit functionality where I can get the list of new elements added into a dimension after a load dimension TI is run? Thank you.

Hi @jliando,

You can activate the “Source Level” Tracking for Dimension (Under Administration\SourceLevel), then you will be able to check the changes at element level in Change Tracking.

More details: here and here.

Pulse by default will only document 5000 elements, you can change this settings in Pulse.cfg, by changing the “MaximumElements” parameter.




Many thanks, Erik @ecarmona. Very much appreciate your prompt reply.
We will try to activate the “Source Level” Tracking for Dimension.

Hi Erik,

For all the Pulse instances, I have activated them all by default, do you think there would be any concern doing that?

The reason I am doing that is because during migration, if I am not turning them on, I would have elements missing during migration.



Hi @twong
There are 3 main things to consider, Firstly is the disk space, this is not a main concern , but keep in mind that it will increase slightly and in proportion to the number of changes performed in a dimension, the VCS will save every change at element level of a dimension as a commit,. Secondly, Documentation will take longer to execute and thirdly Increasing the “MaximumElements” value to something very Big, may cause Pulse to run out of memory if it is a very large value so this latter use with caution.



Hi Tat

i have the same issue when Pulse migration sometimes misses elements during execution (live package).
Is turning on source level control the only way to fix it?
i may need to change the max element number to 15000, i hope that won’t cause any other issue.

Hi @twu,

I have turned that on regardless unless we are really hitting performance issue or whatever funny issue, turning that on give me better comfort as I would have the dimension to be audited, a lot of time this is very useful information for forensic and migration purpose.