dimension "}APQ Clients"

I faced an issue during the Apliqo UX offline upgrade from version
The process “}APQ.UX.Server.Maintenance” failed with the error: Error: Prolog procedure line (222): Dimension element "" not found in dimension "}APQ Clients".

And my questions are:
a. What is the dimension “}APQ Clients” for? Is it not allowed to be empty in the Content store? What is the difference from “}APQ UX Client” dimension?
b. Why the process “}APQ.UX.Server.Maintenance” handles empty “}APQ Clients” dimension only in version For every later Apliqo UX version, the process raises the error if the dimension “}APQ Clients” is empty.
c. Should I do something if I have an empty dimension “}APQ Clients” on the production environment?

Hi @Aleksandr

I’m a bit confused by what you’re doing and where you might have gone wrong as the ContentStore for Apliqo UX doesn’t contain a “}APQ Clients” dimension and never has.

Upgrading from to which version? The next release following 2.5.2 was 2020.08. As stated in the release notes upgrade packages are not regression tested to be backwards compatible with all prior releases, only the last major (non fix-pack) release.

Just trying to think how it is that you have an “}APQ Clients” dimension. Are you running the ContentStore within the main data instance? This configuration, while it does have some advantages and is possible, is not officially supported.

Hi @cw-ch,

Upgrading from to which version?

I’ve noticed that the process “}APQ.UX.Server.Maintenance” had been changed from version to 2020.08 and become raise the issue with empty dimension.

In the current moment, there are two separate instances. I don’t know how it come to this.
Some of the} APQ dimensions look obsolete, and some of them are in use:

The only dimension which looks out of place is “}APQ Clients”. The rest in your screenshot belong in the UX content store.

You can safely delete }APQ Clients. It serves no purpose in the content store.

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