Dial tcp: i/o timeout

Hi all,

While using Arc, I have noticed the error message below. This appears to happen every few minutes and is based on a connection to IBM Cloud using the “remote” method (https://code.cubewise.com/arc-docs/connecting-to-the-ibm-cloud-remotely-with-arc).

As a result, many items I click on in the left navigation panel doesn’t load on initial click.

Any suggestions on how I can deal with this time-out issue?


Hi @wwang,

In the settings.yml file increase the timeoutseconds setting and see if that fixes the issue.

# The number of seconds to wait for Arc to connect to a TM1 Admin Host or REST API
timeoutseconds: 10

Also make sure you can access the URL in the browser: [Connection URL]/api/v1/$metadata

Thanks for the tip Tim! I increased the timeout to 60 seconds and it seems to do the trick. No issues using it on IBM cloud the past 2/3 days. Mucho Gracias!