Detect File Corruption on Start up

Hi all,

We have a requirement that Anti Virus software that cannot be disabled, regardless of what IBM says, with the below Tech Note:

Just checking, will the server start up detect file corruption on dimension or cubes? If so, possible to use Pulse to check this and then alert the administrator?



Hi @twong,

There will be something in the message log if an object can’t be loaded. You could add an alert to check for the message text.

You are probably asking for trouble as TM1 assumes exclusive access to the files in the data directory. I am not sure start up will be the issue, more likely when writes are happening rather than reads.

This is definitely asking for trouble, so one alternative I thought I can is to force detect corruption during start up, and then using Pulse to alert, to minimise the risk impact as much as possible, therefore the worse I will lose data for 24 hours.

If write is the issue, normally this would lead to server crash, which is ok I guess.

Normally it would be memory errors causing a crash rather than writing to disk. You should be able to create an alert to errors when writing to disk, when you start up the server it may be too late to fix problems. If you have an alert you can try saving the object again.

Yes, I will set up an ERROR alert to monitor message log, so when writing to disk and if any corruption, I should see something and get someone to resave again, then also a daily restart to force detect, limiting data loss will be within 24 hours.

Not sure what else I can do to mitigate the risk, but not following Tech Note definitely asking for trouble but seems like infra security has a higher priority than everything else unfortunately.