Description field not writeable

It is one of those difficult to reproduce “random” bugs (that we all hate as developers but as users we hate even more).

Sometimes you get to the last step of creating a migration package but after entering a package name no matter what you do the description field stubbornly refuses to be selected and allow text entry. Thus the package doesn’t let itself be saved and you find yourself in a stalemate.

When this happens it’s of course super annoying as a user to need to try starting from scratch and lose all the work of creating the package.

It would be great if Pulse had a button or checkbox next to the name field that allowed the name to be copied to the description to avoid this situation!!!

Hi @cw-ch, that sounds like a good idea, we will add that to the enhancement list.

Hi @cw-ch,

Have you try to use Tab? It would actually take you to the Description field thou, sometimes using the mouse just not able to click to the placeholder.



Tab, enter, arrow keys all not working to get between name & description fields.