DBRW in a new row

I am trying to add a new row in a dashboard using the follow coe:
It should give me a string value “Actual” or “Forecast” but the rest of the value in the table are numeric.

I have tried also:
=DBRW(“XXserverNameXX”,"}ElementAttributes_FFS_Timescale",“Jan 22”,“Version”)
=DBRW(“XXserverNameXX:}ElementAttributes_FFS_Timescale”,“Jan 22”,“Version”)

I get always #errormsg
I have tried
=IF(DBRW(“XXserverNameXX”,"}ElementAttributes_FFS_Timescale",“Jan 22”,“Version”)=“Actual”,1,0)
but I always retrieve 0

Hi @Filippo,

If you are getting the #error it might have something wrong on your formula.
Could you please confirm that your first parameter on the DBRW formula is the instance name
as it shows when you open the cube Settings on the edit of a report?


The DBRW formula uses this exact same instance name, please note it is case sensitive.

hope this helps!