DBR ng-model update on focus out event


we just figured out that the ng-model on a DBR updates only when focusing out of the element.

It would be convenient if it updated on every keystroke, like angular handles it for other input elements. Is there a way to control this behaviour? Could we implement this in future Canvas versions?




Hi Marius,

That is unlikely to be something we would implement, Canvas doesn’t just update the ng-model “on blur” but sends the data back to TM1 AND refreshes the other values in the page. Doing it on each key stoke would slow things down.


Hi Tim,

I just ran into the same issue.
I guess what Marius has in mind is sending an update when pressing the Enter key. Of course, not on every key stroke. Would that make sense?



Hi @andreas.franke,

Pressing the enter key for DBRs should send the update and refresh all the other DBRs too.



Hi Paul,

that’s correct, and works fine. However, I have an angular expression (not related to Canvas) pointing to the ng-model of the DBR. When I press enter inside the DBR, it updates everything related to a “tm1-ui-*”, but it does not update the value in my angular expression. Only when I leave (defocus) the DBR input field, the values gets updated immediately. My (naive) conclusion is, that leaven the DBR cell triggers additional actions compared to just pressing enter and staying in the input field.

The DBR is part of an active form, if that makes any difference.



Hi @andreas.franke,

Thanks! We will have a look into this.

Hi @mwirtz,

Can you help submit a ticket for this? Thanks!



Thanks paul. I opened a ticket.