DBR in Canvas Unable to save cube cache


I get this error “Unable to save cube cache” when using a simple directive.
Does anybody would have an idea why?


Hi Celine,

Try restarting the Canvas service.

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the reply.
Re-writing everything from scratch fixed the problem, there was probably a typo somewhere.


I also have the error “Unable to save cube cache”.
Restarted the TM1 instance and the Canvas Application Server.

(TM1 10.2.20400.80/Canvas 1.1.2)

After creating a new page test 1 fails with “#VALUE!”.

test2 and test3 connect to other cubes.

See screenshot:

What could be the reason?

Hi @jhogewoning,

When you hover over the #VALUE!, what does the error message says?

Also, check on the application.log file inside /logs file.



Hovering over #VALUE!:


2017-01-25 07:47:59 com.cubewise.rest.api.a ERROR ActionBase:361 GET:‘Plan%20Competence%20Overview’)/Dimensions?$select=Name&_t=1485326879710
2017-01-25 07:47:59 com.cubewise.rest.api.a ERROR ActionBase:363 Body: {“error”:{“code”:"",“message”:"‘Plan Competence Overview’ can not be found in collection of type ‘Cube’."}}

Trying different things gave me this error message:

}CubeSecurity Dimension Update Fail. Rule Is Invalid: Error compiling rule, line number 28: Element not found “Plan Compentence Overview”

I think the name of the cube was copied in instead of typed because after retyping the cube name in the rule solved the problem!

Thanks for the help.