Dbr date format

Hi All,

I have struggled with date formatting using with date picker option.
Does anybody know how to convert (for example) ‘2017-04-24’ in ‘2017-Apr-24’. The best result I got forrmatting it with ‘yyyy-Mmm-dd’ is ‘Apr 24, 2017’


Hi @eugene,

The format that works for me to produce that ‘2017-Apr-24’ is:

Note that this will only take effect after the user has picked a new date.


done! with {{ myDate | date : ‘yyyy-MMM-dd’ }}

Hey Eugene I think it could just be that yyyy-Mmm-dd is not a normally used date format and isn’t recognized. I don’t think I have ever seen Apr 24th represented as “2017-Apr-24” so why do you want this format if it is one that really no one uses? Why not …
Apr 24, 2017
24.04.2017 (or for the ONE country who think they know better 04.24.2017)
24/04/2017 (or for the ONE country who think they know better 04/24/2017)
… pretty sure all the above formats are be supported as they are pretty standard.

Thanks to @plim it was sorted as ‘yyyy-M-dd’ using standard canvas option.
…For some reason our client uses this date format.