Date picker in TI Process Wi

Hi All,

Does anyone know how can I put a date picker object to populate a parameter in a TI process Widget?


Hi @jpaulo
As far as I’m aware at the moment for process parameters we support the types

  • input
  • subnm
  • checkbox

If you could raise an enhancement request for date-picker as a TI process parameter type then we can look at adding this functionality.

Hi @jpaulo, datepicker is not an option for a parameter yet. Until we have added this you might want to look at the already existing option of “beforeForm” (or “afterForm”), which you can use to include a custom htmlTemplate before or after the TI form fields. An example:
“beforeForm”: { “htmlTemplate”: “external-input.html”}
In the content of the file I use just one line:
<div uib-datepicker ng-model="$ctrl.finalParameters[0].value" class="well well-sm"> , where $ctrl.finalParameter[0] addresses the first parameter in the TI process. For this first parameter (pDate) I set “disabled”:true and then the displayed datepicker will actually drive the value of my first parameter.
For further options of the datepicker itself please refer to!#datepicker.
You could also use this to include a tm1-ui-dbr with datepicker function if that is an option.

Thanks guys!

I’ll try that.