Date format in Pulse

It really bugs me that the default date format in Pulse web UI is mm/dd/yyyy. Let’s face it the is only 1 country in the world that actually uses this format.

Where do we change this? If it isn’t currently configurable could it please be made configurable?

HI cw-ch,

In which reports are you looking at?

When you select the date in the date picker, the format is yyyy-mm-dd (red), in the reports Pulse should pick up the date format defined in local, in my case it is dd/mm/yyyy (orange):


Hi @Vincent where I noticed this was the from/to in the view migration packages screen. This was on a machine where the locale was not set to US as far as I know (dates in file explorer for example show as expected as dd/mm/yyyy but in the browser they are mm/dd/yyyy.

Also is it possible to make the “Yesterday at”, “Today at”, “Last Tuesday at” time formats disappear? And just have the standard date format.

Hi @cw-ch,

In the View migration package, the dates format should be:

  • If the date creation happened during the current week, it applies “Yesterday at” or “Last Tuesday at”…
  • If the date creation is older than one week, it will take the local settings to apply the formatting, in my case dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm

We’re going to add this change request (Removing the “Yesterday at” or "Last Tuesday, applying the same date format for all dates) to the Change Request List.

We’ll let you know when it will be implemented.