Customize Login Page/Popup

Hi All,

Is there a way to customize the login default page by changing color, font, avoid the wide blank area around the logon popup…?

Hi @sschreurs,

For the CSS and how to affect that, there is one in the samples application that should help out with this:


Then as for that wide blank area, that is actually a mask to hide the page visuals behind it as it is operating in pop-up mode (or modal).

You can create your own login page if that is more desired by un-checking the following settings in your Canvas’ application’s admin page:


After doing this, all logins will be redirected into the login.html file


Inside that is the directive for the login, tm1-ui-login, which you can then move around / position into different part of that login page. You can even put a company background logo for example on this page, or other client announcements.


Thanks @plim !