Custom Error Message for View?

Hello Team,

We have a custom error message for some Grid widgets, using advanced settings like this:

"noDataNotification": {
    "type": "warning",
    "header": "No data: ",
    "message": "Some message.",
    "persistent": false

However, the same code does not work for a View. Is there anything similar we can use for a View to display a custom error message?


Hello Experts,

Just resurrecting this post as we’re still looking for a solution. Is there a list of ‘notification’ messages that can be used?

For example, we’re looking for a custom message when a data query has failed. There are some instances where a user has to make a selection first before one or more widgets will resolve. Here is one example:


Hi David,

the error message in the example refers to a non existing subset. So instead of having a “better” notification message you should ensure that the subset exists or use a MDX instead.

Best Regards,

Thanks @Alex, I guess I was wondering if there is a list of ‘notification’ type messages that can be displayed in a table. But you’re right, managing our specific issue through subsets is a better way of doing it.