Custom DBRW using references for different widgets

I have a user trying to use DBRW formulas in different widgets in a dashboard. Each view has its own widget specific account hierarchy (revenue, bookings, expenses). We’re using the same DBRW for each widget with the $<<Server.Accounts.Accounts>>, but it’s picking up an account that’s not even used in the dashboard. That element was originally used as a global filter, but i removed the global filter from the dashboard and it’s still referencing that element. Any ideas how to resolve this? Will the DBRW formula even know to use widget specific values?

Hi @dmiller

The short answer is no, this isn’t how the setting service works. The setting service in Apliqo UX keeps track of all current global filter values per hierarchy which can then be passed to other screens to set navigation defaults or passed as parameters to TI processes. Using a (slightly) more advanced syntax you can also retrieve attribute values for any element.

This article might help you in understanding some use cases and how the setting service works.

But in short it is for global filter values (that is at screen or dashboard level not at individual widget level).

For what you want to achieve which is basically to have a unique setting service value at widget level. It is possible, but via one or more less or more clunky workarounds…

  1. as the setting service tracks current element value per hierarchy you could have a dedicated techincal hierarchy per widget and set the value in the filter bar and pass the value from there both into the widget (and in turn into the DBRW).
  2. you can also create custom entries in the setting service via javascript function. So you could update a custom value and pass the custom value in the DBRW. But this would require a custom js function and there coudl still be some timing issues between updating setting service value and retrieving the value.