Custom DBRW in Apliqo column never resolves. Stuck on WAIT status forever.

Using an inserted column in ApliqoUX with a DBRW formula in it.

Wondering if there’s a parameter I can change to extend the calculation time on the DBRW?

ApliqoUX initially displays wait! in each of the calculated cells. If those cells resolve quickly enough, the numbers will be returned.

However, if the numbers don’t return within a couple of seconds, it seems Apliqo loses interest in them, and they are stuck permanently with the value of wait! displayed.

Can anyone advise a parameter I can change that will keep ApliqoUX interested in getting those cell values for long enough that values return?

Thanks in advance for any help!! :slight_smile:

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Definitely need to get this fixed, and not finding anything online that helps. Searching around, I have just found the “…\apq-c3-custom\js\default.constant.js” file.

Reading all the parameters in this file, I do see a DEFAULT_POLLING_INTERVAL parameter, with a value of 5.

A google search on Apliqo Default_Polling_Interval returns zero search results. Wondering if I should just muck around with that parameter anyway and cross my fingers…