Cubeviewer Data Spreading option

Hi Experts,

Is It possible to spread the data in a cube viewer in any version of Apliqo UX?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @csivridemir

Yes spreading is possible via either shortcuts or the spreading dialog. Note that to enable the spreading dialog is kind of hidden as for historical reasons this is in the “settings” object accessible via cube settings, whereas the rest of the controls for the spreading dialog itself are in the “options” object.

In the cube settings the spreading option is in the “Widget” tab for dashboard grids or cube viewer and under “View” in views.

The options for the fine control of which spreading methods to make available are in the normal “table config” options selection.

Then you get the spreading right-click context menu.

Note that Apliqo UX also supports spreading formula shortcuts. But for this to work on consolidations the “Input on Consolidations” option also must be enabled.

Also note that historically the spreading direction modifiers were only supported for the “repeat” method. This is currently being addressed and should be working either in the 2024 Feb release or the next fix pack to allow the spread to be repeated to the right, up, down, etc.