Cube dimension list

When using Architect, I can copy paste the ordered list of dimensions that make up a cube to my clipboard.

Can I do the same in ARC/Slice? I haven’t found a work around yet.

Doesn’t answer your question but here’s another way to do it and works in Perspectives or Slice. Use the TabDim function linked to a cell holding the cube name to return the dimension names.

Thanks, yes I could use that… but I don’t want to :slight_smile:

Just a quick copy/paste is all I need

I’m not aware of an official way but there is a ‘hackish’ way to do it.

If you click on Cubes from the tree on the left then locate / search the cube you’re after then in the Dimensions column, highlight the list with the mouse by left-clicking and dragging the mouse over the dimensions and doing a ctrl + c / v. Note that if you paste into Excel, the font is white so you may need to change the font color to see the list but it does the trick.

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This gets me what I need. Thanks gbryant.