Creating Variables for a Process Using Arc



I’m creating a process in Arc with a cube view as the source. Is it possible to create the variables based on the dimensions of the cube without creating a view to preview? If not, what is the best way to create a view to use for previewing. I feel as if I’m missing a trick in the way I’m creating a process.

If I was creating a process in Architect, I would just create a view from within the TI process window and select that view to preview. That would give me the variables that I need. If I use the same view in Arc, I get a SystemOutOfMemory error on the server. Currently I’m amending the view using the Architect /TI window to have a single element in each dimension so that I can preview it in Arc.



If your instance has the framework installed you can use the process }APQ.Cub.Vue.TIDatasourceDummy


Hi @R.B,

You should be able to create the variables manually. It would be possible to create the variables using the cube view definition (rather than the result). Create an enhancement request at: