Connection not working from Citrix

Downloaded ‘Server for Windows 64’ on a citrix, extracted and ran arc.exe.

First question: Why don’t I see how many days in free trial are left in v2.1.0?

Second question: With the Admin host set (per below) and direct connections commented out, I can see the tm1 servers on that box ok BUT with the Admin host commented out and direct connections set (per below) I see nothing. HTTPortnumber is set to 5026 in cfg file on the lasc-tm1-d1 box (full computer name = lasc-tm1-d1.ali.local ).

Any ideas welcome…

‘- https://lasc-tm1-d1.ali.local:5898

‘- https://lasc-tm1-d1.ali.local:5026 name:GroupReporting-Dev’


For connections you need to provide a url and name key with the values e.g

Note that url and name on a separate line is required

That’s weird. I actually saw it working one time when name: was on the same line.
Anyway I changed it as follows and it didn’t work:

Then I changed it so name was exactly under url and it worked. Very particular.

Apparently, there has to be a space after the colon as well.

Thank you!!