Configure PulseServers to show Tmn1 Web and Tm1 Web Open User Analytics


I am David Morales from Spain and we are installed and configured Pulse in the Plataform Planning Analytics.

The architecture of Tm1 is divided into 3 layers.
There are five machines with the Tm1server component, 1 machine with Tm1 Application / Tm1 Web and Cognos BI for integrated security.

From Pulse I want to know what sessions of Tm1 Web are open in any Tm1server, and when reviewing the documentation it seems that only allows to add a PulseServer

are there any options to include all Tm1serrvers?
Annex the URL with the documentation of Pulse in case someone could help me and conifrmarme if it is possible to monitor Tm1 Web looging of all tm1server
Thank very much
Regards to all comnunity of users.


Hi David,

Pulse currently has no “smarts” to send the instance requests to a multiple Pulse’s when using one TM1Web. Currently you would need to send all logging to one Pulse server.

There is an option in the Excel logging to do something similar but it hasn’t been added to the TM1Web script.

If you want to add this as an enhancement request email your local Cubewise contact and they can create a ticket and we can look into it.


Hi Tryan,
Thank you for you answer.

I think that it could be a good change