Conditional Cell Formating in UX

Hi all,
We want to have a conditional cell formatting in UX depending on the data in calculation method column.

For example, if % on CSTR cost is selected as calculation method, the typical cost and assumed cost column should be formatted as %, else this 2 decimal number formating is OK.

How can I make the conditional cell formating in UX?

Thanks in advance,

Any thoughts @jhogewoning? I think you did something similar.

I don’t have an answer, but I will watch this topic with interest in case someone does. I’m trying to do something a little similar which is to keep the measure formatting when a user performs a crossdrill. I can set the measure for standard TM1 format attribute to be percentage and it works fine in the view. But as soon as someone crossdrills on that row the children are displayed as integer format, making the crossdrill utterly useless. Hoping someone has some advice on how better to to control formatting.

EDIT - In August 2021 we have just upgraded to the latest version of ApliqoUX. Upgrading has resolved this drilldown formatting issue without the need for any additional code changes.


Thanks for confirming that the latest update resolved the cross-drill formatting issue.

This also worked for us after upgrade to july fp1

"columnFormat": {
      "Assumed cost per calculation method": [
          "dataColumn": "Calculation method",
          "condition": "==",
          "value": "Percentage on infracost",
          "numberFormat": "0.00%"