Computer name change now cannot connect to h2 database

I changed the name of my computer running Pulse 6.0.1 and now I am getting error messages that it cannot connect to the h2 database. I replaced the License but is there another place where configuration needs to be made? Or does this require an uninstall/re-install?

Hi @dwatts ,

If you want to keep the history of the Pulse database when changing the server name where Pulse is installed, you then have two options:

  1. Using the ServerNameOverride setting: Keep Pulse history when migrating Pulse - Cubewise CODE
  2. Using a script to rename the server name in the database: Renaming TM1 server name and instance name - Cubewise CODE

I think in your case, you are using Pulse on your laptop, so if the history of the database is not too important, it might be quicker to start Pulse with a new empty database. To do that:

  1. Stop Pulse services
  2. Delete the database (db folder)
  3. Start Pulse services. You will then start with a new empty database with your new server name. You will have to go through the Wizard again.

I hope this help,