Comment Headers from TM1 Objects

I have a client request that would like to have the comment headers in the rules (and prolog tab of the processes) to be added to the DESCRIPTION fields within Pulse when generating the Technical Document. Thus, the tech doc will always contain the latest comment headers from the TM1 objects when creating the document.

Is this something that already exist? If not, is it possible to add this?

:grinning: I think I requested this years ago.

There is a ‘hackish’ way to do it. There are tables in the Pulse DB for each object type. Each table has a description field which holds the data as HTML which gets updated when you update the description for an object in the Pulse UI.

Combine this with a TI process or TM1py (if you want to make the extraction of the comments easier using Regex and you don’t want to go through the hassle of parsing the .rux and .pro files) script to load the description to a file / cube then use a TI process or TM1py to write this to the description field for the relevant table in the Pulse DB.

But obviously don’t do this.

Thank you @gbryant for the workaround. Constraint of this is that the TI / TM1py script will require access to write to the relevant Pulse DB table.

Any possibility of adding this as a future feature - when generating the Tech Doc from Pulse, that the script does the above find in TM1 objects and update in Pulse DB tables?

Thanks @vbrink, yes indeed that would be great if Pulse could populate this field from comments in the process. Scott already raised an enhancement request for this.

We will see if we can include this enhancement in one of the upcoming releases.

For now, you can use the workaround suggested by George.



Thank you @Vincent and @gbryant :raised_hands: