Charting requirement for Canvas


Hi all,

I am not sure whether we can do below kind of charting in Canvas?
If yes, please advise how?
If no, can we consider adding to Canvas functionality?

1)Line + Bar Chart, It is very common requirement having the 2nd Y-axis, e.g. Profit/Revenue as Grouped Bar (or) Stacked Bar, where the GP% as line series using the 2nd Y-axis. like below:

2)Sparkling chart, the key point is be able to embed in a table, like below (a sample from C3, so we know it is totally archivable in Canvas, just need to find out how).

3)we know we can use JS library to do map chart, will it be possible to include in Canvas as a chart option?

4)may called “Treemap” or “Heat Map”



None of these is part of Canvas. However, it is relatively easy to implement:
For Bar+Line chart, check
This library comes with Canvas. Check how they do those charts in JSFiddle. So all you have to do is to create MDX query and process received data in the way required by the chart you want to display.

Sparkline chart is available as plugin: Canvas Plugin: Sparklines


Hi @twu,

For the map, you can use the map Andrey built:

For the treemap, you can find it in the following post: