Chart Widget Internal Filters Subset Issue

Hello experts,

We have a chart widget that uses a dynamic subset in the Internal Filters based on the attribute of the chosen cost centre. For example, the subset is “RPT_ContributionMargin_<>CC type>>_Financials”, where CC type is an attribute of the cost centre. Various subsets have been created for our CC types.

The problem is that the subset doesn’t always populate for the internal filter drop-down as per this screen grab:

However, if you put the widget into full-screen model the subset appears correctly:

But when closing full-screen mode the subset disappears again.

Occasionally, going into edit mode and making a change will force the subset to populate but this is not a viable workaround for general users.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour before?


In the advanced settings for the Filterbar both the All Attributes and Wait for Filterbar settings need to be set to true in order for what you are trying to achieve to work properly.


Hi @cw-ch, thanks for your quick reply, however, both of these settings are already set to true.

What version are you currently using?

@cw-ch we are on 2023.02 FP1