Chart second Y axis - Can I set max value to 12x other axis max?

I have a chart in Apliqo UX containing 3 different data series.

The first series contains monthly values in column format that maps to y-axis 0 (to left of chart).

The second and third series are in line format. They contain annualised data and map to y-axis 1 (to right of chart).

In order to compare “apples with apples”, the customer would like both y-axes to start at 0, and the max value of y-axis 1 to be exactly 12 times that of axis-0. (ie: A monthly value of 1000 on axis 0 should be the same screen-height as an annual value of 12000 on axis 1).

My question is, is there any way in the JSON (or elsewhere) to link the “max” of axis 1 to be 12x the “max” of axis 0?

If the above is sadly impossible, my alternate question is how do I get better control of the gridline spacings on the axes so that I can manually specify the maximum on each axis explicitly, and have them actually respect exactly that maximum and not over-shoot the maximum due to needing to round up to the nearest gridline amount.

Thanks in advance for any advice!! (And please note… this is an ApliqoUX question, not a Canvas question).