Change Tracking not Updating for 1 instance

Hi, we just upgraded to the latest Pulse version. Everything was working fine till yesterday afternoon, but suddenly it has stopped tracking changes.

Now, we are not able to migrate new objects as Pulse cannot find any objects that have been created recently.

Kindly advise what could be the issue here.

Thank you!

Hi @bijo.varghese,

Does the update documentation work? What could have happened is that the credentials set in the Pulse instance settings are not valid anymore.

In the Pulse instance settings, you can click the Test button to test the credentials:



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Thanks Vincent for your response. I just tested the credentials and it is valid. Moreover, I ran the update documentation manually which is still running as we speak.

Hi @Vincent,

I have the same problem at one of my clients. Username and password are fine, documentation is updated (regularly and manually) and change frequency/source control are enabled but change tracks do not work.

This is working on the test environment and instance settings are identical.

Any thoughts?

I have this issue as well but usually restarting Pulse Services and running documentation fixes the issue.