Change Tracking: Flush old Changes on Development

Hi there

I have Pulse running on a very active Development/UAT server. The challenge I have is that we restore the production model quite regularly back into Dev/UAT. When I do a change tracking in Pulse I get all changes - current and prior changes (thus before and after the model is restored from Production).

Is there any way to flush previous changes from the Pulse DB? Thus I will only get the changes as from the last flush when I do a change tracking. Currently, I need to remember when the last update happened to be able to filter - and this is something I regularly forget to set.



Agree. Clearing change history and/or re-basing the git database for an instance would be a very good feature. Espectially for the scenario described by @dfranken

Hi @dfranken,

Currently there is no quick way to do this.

You can log an enhancement request here: