Change toolbar filter's value by another filter

I would like to change a filter’s value when I select another filter’s value
I have tried to add a js function on “jsfunctions-filterbar.service.js”,
like below,

And put the function name into “JS Function” of company group’s filter, but when company group filter was changed, company filter cannot show the same value.

How can I change company filter’s value by another filter?

Hi @rwang

Do you need the company to be independently selectable to company group or should company and company group always be the same? If they should be the same then you can make company a fixed dimension not filter and even hide it from view. In this case you also don’t need a js function but can just use a substitution variable from the setting service.

If you make company a fixed dimension and then set the value to
$<<instanceName.Company Group.Company Group>>
then company will always be equal to company group.

You can also use the name substitution as the default value for a filter or in the MDX.

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Hi @cw-ch,

It works, thanks.