Change the date format on process widget

Hi guys,
Is there any way can change the format of the return value of date picker to yyyy-mm-dd?

Another format I see on Chrome is like this:

Many thanks

No. This is not supported at this time.

Note: Also that the date string returned by the date picker is dependent on the browser regional settings so the ddd and mmm portion of the string will be impacted by the locale language. This makes it pretty difficult to do anything with the string if used as a TI parameter input as there can potentially be a lot of variability which makes it difficult to parse in TI and reliably determine the date element.

(This has also bugged me personally for a long time). Please feel free to raise an enhancement request to be able to set the format of the data string (e.g. “yyyy-mm-dd”). It probably won’t be done in the current product with Tomcat & AngularJS but would be implemented in the next gen UX with Node & React stack.)