Change Password with Canvas


Hey Guys,

How could we change the TM1 user password on Canvas?
In a scenario where the user only access canvas, don’t have perspectives installed on his machine, and they don’t use TM1web…
Currently, on TM1Web, you can click on the “change password” check box to do that…

Do we need to create TI processes using TI functions and create a custom page for it or is there a different way?



Hi @rmazziero,

No clear documentation in the TM1 REST API so we cannot implement it.

It should be better to just create your own custom page and TI process for that.




Hi Roberto - there’s a TI function to set a user password so all that is needed is a UI in Canvas with a text input field with a password mask to hide the characters and give the text as a parameter to the TI like Paul says. (could even use the Bedrock process no need to write one).


Alright, Just thought that there was something built-in from the Rest API to do it…

Thanks guys, creating a custom page with TI processes would be the way then!