Cell reference and cell menu


Is there a way to access the cells reference elements outside of just seeing them from your cell reference modal? Also, is there an easy way to add a new item to that cell option list? I would like to add a new option for our users to see that cells change history that we store in a database (the reason I also need the cells elements).

Thank you,


Hi @chet_watkins,

There will be a new attribute on the DBR called tm1-add-context-menu which should help you out on this. It will allow you to do add your own menu on that right click, which will make available the name of the cube, elements, instance and cell value wothin that function.

It is already on the build, and will be part of the next build release.



Great to hear! Thanks @plim


Hi @chet_watkins just wondering if you are storing a cell’s change history in a RDBMS then would a relational drill-through also be an option to display it? Or I guess you want to be able to float it in some kind of pop-up modal?


We were actually debating both approaches. I think we like the idea of the pop-up modal though, are pop-up’s to show drill through’s not possible? That would be a nice option also if not. :grin:


Hi @chet_watkins,

The drill through was introduced in FP6. Canvas do support this (there will be an additional context menu on a DBR cell) if you have setup a drillthrough on a cell and you have the TM1 server running at FP6 at least.



Hi @plim, I spoke about the modal w/ drill before actually testing so I was not sure how it displayed. I just got it working and it does work just as we would expect. Thanks!