Cascading Dropdown from TI Process Widget

Hi there,

I have a requirement on a TI widget, which require cascading dropdown, sample as below, so the list of quotation needs to be filtered by Program, otherwise the list would be too long and therefore difficult to navigate.

How do I do that on UX? We were able to do cascading dropdown on global filters, but seems I am not able to get the value from other dropdowns on a TI Process Widget.



No you can’t have dependent or cascading subnm within a TI popup or embedded widget.

However what you can do is have dependent filters on the filterbar and either a embedded TI widget or TI popup parameters would then pick up the selected values via setting service variable. For a TI popup this will work in any version. For a embedded TI widget this will work in 2023.05 onwards as filter changes result in refresh of the widget.

Ok, got it, thanks!

Have explored this option, but the overall experience isn’t as good.

I’ll log an enhancement request.

Hi twong,

I had a similar requirement and implemented it with an HTML snippet like this:


pf-label="bla bla" required pf-label-class="col-sm-3" pf-input-class="col-sm-9">
tm1-dimension="FIN BSEG 2 Plan"
tm1-attribute="Code and description
tm1-mdx="TM1FilterByLevel (TM1DrillDownMember({[FIN BSEG 2 Plan].[FIN BSEG 2 Plan].[{{$ctrl.finalParameters[6].value}}]},ALL,RECURSIVE),0)"
ng-model="$ctrl.finalParameters[7].value"> </tm1-ui-server
</tm1-ui-subnm-apq> </tm1-ui-subnm-apq
</pf-form-group-apq> ```

In the settings of your TI, add the snippet

"beforeEachParam": {
  "htmlSnippet": "xxxx/yyyy.html"

Hide the original parameter (here: pBSEG2Tgt).

The key is to pass the selection to the original parameter:

You have to find the right index of the parameter in the TI, they start with 0.

Hope this helps!



Good suggestion. I forgot about that option.