Canvas writeback behavior with locked cells


This came up in a recent discussion with a Canvas prospect.

Does exiting a writeable cell in Canvas imply or guarantee that the value was written to the TM1 cube?

My suspicion is that Angular does some of the heavy lifting vis-a-vis its two-way MVC data binding, but would like to have the definitive answer.


Hi @jpusztai,

Assuming that the network connection did not drop at the time that they move out of that editing cell, then yes!




Hi @jpusztai

To be clear it doesn’t guarantee that the value was updated in TM1 but it will return an error if it failed. Exiting a writable cell sends a request to TM1 to update the value if it has changed and returns the result.

Try typing a string into a numeric cell and you will see an example of an error being returned.


Thanks. It sounds like a Canvas DBR functions very much like a DBRW or DBS in Excel i.e. the value you see in the cell is the “echo” of the cell value’s round trip to the TM1 Server.