Canvas Visual Studio Code available on the Marketplace


Hi everyone,

The Canvas Visual Studio extension is now on the Visual Studio Marketplace. It means that you do not need to download the extension from Zendesk or from this forum. You can go directly to the extension search bar from Visual Studio Code to get the latest version of the extension.

  1. If you have not installed Visual Studio Code yet, first download and install Visual Studio Code

  2. Click the extension button on the left and look for Canvas or TM1, you should see the Canvas extension, just click install or update.

In the future if we update the extension, you’ll get a notification:


Not sure if its just me but my TM1 tags are not predictive. I can see the extension is installed in VS, but when I start typing TM1 tags, nothing happens.



Hi @bknott,

It only works if you start typing ‘tm1’ and there is a space before this. So as an example, if you start by ‘<’, then proceeded to type ‘tm1’ then the list will not show.

Another possibility is, the version of your VSC. I have tried the above on a 1.8.1 version. If you have an older version, try updating your VSC:

Do let us know if this was your case or if the above helps.



No good Paul. I running 1.8.1

I have a blank page with no text, I type tm1 and nothing happens.



Hi @bknott,

Can you save the file as HTML first then try it again?

Let me us know if that helps.



That seems to work .



Hi @bknott,

Just to add that this is how it is set up, the extension works only on a .html file.