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Occasionally when navigating to a page that uses the directive we get a alert from the browser (chrome) that the session on port 9510 has timed out, before the TM1web sheet has even rendered.

All our http timeout settings (across the board) are set to 4 hours.

Any ideas?



Hi @jtuckerman,

In order to have a better picture of the situation, is it possible to post in here the following:

  • Canvas Version
  • TM1 Version
  • List of files and which of their parameters were updated, and their values



Hey @plim,

  1. PA 2.0.6
  2. Most recent Canvas
  3. Tm1s.cfg, the new param in tm1web_config.xml as per 2.0.6 (instead of web.xml) and canvas is set to 4 hours.



Hi @jtuckerman,

Perhaps, reversing the situation by lowering the timeout could help in finding where the root of the issue is.

Try by setting timeout as 1 minute for example for the tm1web. Open another tab then go back into that tab where the tm1-ui-web component is - did it throw the timeout notification?

One angle we can look for is which of the timeouts may not be working. Had just tried with Canvas via web.xml and setting it to 1 minute is doing that exactly. So Canvas’ timeout should be working alright.

It could be the tm1web’s URL API having a separate setting for the session timeout which the tm1web_config.xml may not have included it for - and you may need to adjust it directly with web.xml.

Hope this helps.



Hey @plim

I can try that, but it only happens in canvas, and not native TM1web.

The timeout settings work as expected in every client bar Canvas.



I have had a client that we implemented tm1 web through canvas. But I checked and I had used ng-if and my problem was because directive was inside modal pop up.


Hey @plim

It doesn’t really get that far - the dialogue appears when the page first attempts to authenticate, so the timeout is essentially zero. And it’s intermittent, a refresh usually resolves it.