Canvas Pie Chart Top X + Others



Hi all,

Any idea how to achieve a Top X and Others on a pie chart on Canvas?

The Top X is based on the result of SUBNMs, and Others will be everything else added together, so it is also not possible to even do it on TM1 level.

Thanks in advance


Could you not just solve it the same way that you would in Perspectives? (e.g. one DBR to take total, then sum the TopX rows and take the difference from total as “other”)


But please for the love of god NOT as a pie chart!


Pseudo is easy, but putting in on javascript / angular js / Canvas chart, different story!

Just not sure how to really do it.

Unfortunately pie chart is the requirement, I know, it is super informative.


Hi @twong,

Checkout the Charts page on our samples application.

There is a Custom Value at the top of the page which is zero (0) by default. If you put in a value in there, the Pie Chart changes dynamically (value appears under April).

The underlying data chart directive is tm1-ui-chart-value from which you can just push a value from ng-model. You can then put something for the Others like:

So what is left now is how to get the top 1, 2 and 3 for the above example. Or do you already have this? If not, two of the many possible ways that you can setup a subset to have these three(3) could be through MDX via a combination of TopCount and Filters at the minimum or through brute force with TI.