Canvas MDX API not working


Just noticed that the Canvas MDX is no longer working. I can do other calls like getcell, but when I do a MDX call I get an error telling me that the API does not exist. If I go directly to the URL then I get the image below



Hi @bknott,

That is because there is no GET method with that format. Most of the MDX calls is through POST method already.

Any particular scenario that you are trying to do?



Hi Paul.

All Iā€™m doing is building am MDX query and using cubExecuteMDX to query the server. Partial code is below. This was working last week. No code has been changed.

var mdx1 = 'SELECT { [scenario].[actual],[scenario].[budget]} on 0,';
	mdx1 = mdx1 + '{([account_tb].[canvas-mine cash cost accounts])} on 1 ';
	mdx1 = mdx1 + 'FROM [trial_balance]';
	mdx1 = mdx1 + 'where ([year].['+$scope.selections.finYear+'],[month].['+filterMonth+'],[company].['+$'],[lob].[total lob],';
	mdx1 = mdx1 + '[measure_tb].[$],[value].[total_value],[identifier].[total identifier],[activity].[total activity],[location].[total location],[version].[base])';

	$tm1Ui.cubeExecuteMdx('Wesfarmers_prod', mdx1).then(function(returnedData){


Hi @bknott,

Any error in the console? Can you also check the application.log?

Have you tried clearing the cache?

Lastly, what is the Canvas version that you have now?



If I dump the result of the query, I get the HTML below in the console as an error.

Canvas version is 1.2.1. Cache has been cleared.

Apache Tomcat/7.0.78 - Error report

HTTP Status 404 - /finance/api/mdx/Wesfarmers_prod

type Status report

message /finance/api/mdx/Wesfarmers_prod

description The requested resource is not available.

Apache Tomcat/7.0.78


I have updated to 1.2.2 and it has fixed the issue.



Hi @bknott,

That seems like the version of the Server was upgraded - but the client scripts where not. We upgraded it to Tomcat 7.0.78 at least in 1.2.2 already.

When was the last upgrade done? Do you still remember what version was in the installer file used?



Okay great! Thanks for the update!