Canvas login



Canvas 1.2.2
TM1 10.2.20601.81

On Internet Explorer 11 some users are having problems logging in to the Canvas application. After entering their credentials it’s not logging in but to do that they have to remove ‘/#/login/dev’ from the url.

Even weirder is the behaviour in Edge or on some laptops with Chrome: after entering their credentials they are redirected to

Most of the users don’t have these issues using IE 11.

What could be the reason for this?


Hi @jhogewoning,

That usually happens if the page that they go through straight is the login page. In a way it is because it will try to get back to the previous page that caused the login page to appear.

With that, try to go to the normal page of the application.

Let us know how it goes.



Hi @tryan,

When replacing the url from to it still happens sometimes that after logging in the user is redirected to

What else can I do to prevent this from happening?

All the users are working on Windows 7/Internet Explorer 11 but it is also the behaviour on Windows 10/Internet Explorer 11 / Edge. Soon everyone will be upgraded to this combination.

Regards, JD.


Hi @jhogewoning,

The other scenarios that could possibly trigger this is:

  • The TM1 session has expired
  • There is another code/script in there that connects to another instance (how many where configured in instances.json?)



Hi @tryan,

Those scenarios do not apply.

Something else weird that happens is what you can see on this screenshot:

The user can’t see the characters when typing in the user name input field. After hitting LOGIN it stays at the login screen.
I just realize that they only log in with a user name and no password. Could that be the reason?

Regards, JD.


Hi @jhogewoning,

Have you tried restarting the Canvas server? How about any errors in the console?

You may want to check also the 3rd party libraries added.

As for login with no password, that should be perfectly fine. Could you ask the user to clear the browser cache.