Canvas documentation findings


Just collecting my findings from the documentation or samples here. May be you want to adress those findings for the upcoming releases. Let me know whether I should provide such information in any other way. May be could be worth to open a category “Canvas Findings” or something like that.

Canvas release 1.1.2

Apr 5, 2017: online help page somewhat strange: when search field is empty, there is an entry for “tm1-ui-element-list”. As soon as I type “tm1-u” into the search, the entry disappears although its prefix is exactly “tm1-u”. I’m used to type a keyword here, so first I thought there is no more documentation on “tm1-ui-element-list” included.



Hi @andreas.franke,

There is an underlying public library that generates that page. We will check and upgrade that library when it becomes available. Had lodge a request for that to be fixed too.