Canvas as a replication engine?



Hi there,

Just would like to get some idea whether it is possible to use Canvas to do replication, I know Canvas can do READ and WRITE as a separate action, however, is there any possibility that we can write a javascript to READ data from a View definition created one Server A, and then WRITE the same piece of data to the same View definition but on Server B?

Any input would be appreciated.


Hi Tat,

I think it’s absolutely possible.

I am not sure if it is the best way to do it though.

  • Not sure if canvas allows us to schedule JS functions (If not, we would need a user to log into both instances and trigger it)
  • The JS code would normally be executed in the browser on the client-side, thus we would have to send the whole data through the network twice: Server A -> Client -> Server B.

A python script (based on TM1py) could be a more elegant approach

  • We could run it on the server side -> No (or less) network traffic. This should impact the performance significantly.
  • We would skip the middleman (Canvas Application Server), thus slightly more performance
  • Could be scheduled through a native TM1 chore

If Canvas allows us to execute JS scripts on the Server side, python and JS are more or less equally suited for this task IMO.




Hmmm…understand what you mean, then Canvas probably not the place doing this kind of stuff.

Thanks for the explanation.