Canvas/Apliqo UX Undo

Hey Everyone,
Is there any built in functionality to support “Undo” for data entry? I don’t see any buttons that indicate there are, but I wanted to check. If not, is this on the roadmap?

Data entry undo isn’t currently scheduled for the next planned feature release in April but it is on the roadmap. (This can always change).

It would be interesting to hear how you would want it to work. I wouldn’t want to implement like has been done in the IBM interfaces where undo can be unpredictable because the user doesn’t know which data entry clicking on undo will actually rollback.

@cw-ch Thanks for the clarity. I agree that the way IBM has implemented it is not ideal. A few ideas come to mind

  • A track changes button that initiates a change set this would make large undo operations easier

  • Support a list of changes (X since the last refresh) something similar to how ARC shows operation history in the set editor

Overall support for ctrl-z will be important, but I think a modal or window that shows changes and let’s you undo them would be amazing. However I see potential challenges with the restricted access normal users have to the transactions log.