Can't connect oracle odbc in arc,but it's ok in tm1 architect

i connect oracle odbc in arc,it not works,error like this : can’t open data source

but it works when i use architect .

mysql odbc is ok.

Hi Stephen,

Is Arc installed on the server where TM1 is running and where the ODBC connection are defined?



yeah, tm1 , arc , and oracle odbc drive are installed on the same server ,
and i use arc on the browser of my pc .

What is your Arc version and your TM1 version?

arc is v3.0.0 , and PA is 2.0.8

Thanks Stepheng,

Could you please create an issue: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Arc and Slice · GitLab so you can share your arc.log?



ok, i will create an issue later.

Thank you!