Cannot display all columns in TM1Web template

Hi teams,
I tried to embed the template form tm1web into the widget. But he didn’t show it in full.
it only display columns B to O. (as pic 1.)
Missing columns P to T and 2 action buttons. (as pic 2.)

Am I missing some settings?
Please let me know if you need any other information. Thanks.

UX Version: 2020.08

pic 1.

pic 2.

The following is the widget configuration:

This seems a bit strange. I would suspect it is some limitation with the TM1Web URL API as opposed to UX but to confirm it that’s the case or not can you see what happens if you past the TM1Web URL that is being generated into a new browser tab and see if the websheet that renders there is also limited in the number of columns?

Also check in Excel that the print area is set correctly.

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Hi @cw-ch-scott,

Sorry, I realized that this is a wrong template.
It works perfectly now. Thanks again.