Cannot Copy Elements from Excel to Subset Editor on Arc, Compared to Architect

Hi, I am wondering if there is any way to copy a list of Elements from Excel to Arc Subset Editor (or Dimension Editor)? Or is this a missing feature?

I know that I can do that on Architect, but my way of copy and paste seems not working on Arc.

Here is how I copy and paste on Architect Subset Editor:


But seems I just cannot paste to Arc.


Hi @lhu,

It can be done in Arc.

  1. Remove all elements
  2. Copy the elements in Excel
  3. Click in the top left corner of the Subset Editor
  4. Ctrl+V




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Oh wow yes!! Seems to make it work, we really need to click on that top left “cell” next to “Name”… But anyways, it’s awesome that such copy and paste can be done!! Thank you @tryan for your sharing!