Can Not Preview ODBC Data Source from arc


I created a ODBC connection to Bigquery with simba ODBC connector. I can preview the source from the architect but it does’nt work from the arc.
It connects but does’nt show the preview & variables.
arc version:4.2.0, tm1 version:

Thanks in advance.

Hi @BugraErtugrul ,

Well, it is hard to say from the screenshot. Do you see any errors in the arc.log file?

Hi @Vincent

I dont see anything related on the log. It doesnt return any error.
I suspect it might be a bug. Do you know if it tested with a ODBC connection made with Simba ODBC driver?
Because there is no problem on viewing SQL server connections.


Hi @BugraErtugrul ,

No, it hasn’t been tested with Simba ODBC, if it works with Architect then it should work with Arc.

Could you please create a support ticket here: Issues · Cubewise CODE / Arc and Slice · GitLab so we can investigate this issue?