Can edit the cube data even though the view is set as READ only in App Security

I have created few views that are using different cubes and I set these views as read only for a particular group of user (example in this case is IE). However, this group of user still can change the cube data. May I know where did I wrong? Please advise. Thanks.

You are getting confused between security in the content store versus security in the TM1 model itself.

Security in the content store determines whether users can access (see) applications and screens. READ means the group is able to see and navigate to a screen (whereas NONE means the screen won’t be visible to them at all). WRITE access means members of the group (combined with membership of the “Power User” group) are able to edit the screen, that is go to edit mode and change default filters, add or remove a widget, etc.

Whether users are able to write back to the TM1 model versus only read is determined by cube, element and cell security in the underlying TM1 data source instance.

Although in Apliqo UX we do give the report designer the option to make cells read only even if the users would normally have write access in TM1. This can be done in the advanced options at the table level and also at column, row or cell level using formatting/conditional formatting.

Noted with thanks cw-ch